BLITZ-URF Deathmatch causing game to break

Sorry if this is rough writing or doesn't follow guidelines completely. I recently encountered a bug (about 5 minutes prior to writing this) where URF Deathmatch in Blitz caused the game to break. What happened was all players who were alive eventually burned to death however the event did not end. This went on for a while, all players were stuck in base unable to move however able to cast spells. Dashes/blinks didn't work. Eventually, the nexus blitz sudden death event was announced however it was still stuck in URF Deathmatch. The only way out was for a team to surrender. Prior to this happening, the URF deathmatch was going on. I believe it was 3 enemies against me (pyke) where I had 3 lives remaining. The rest of my team was out of the event already. Immediately after dying, nothing happened. Literally nothing, the event didn't end.
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