[PBE] ARURF discconection

000000.000| ALWAYS| Logging started at 2019-09-04T00:29:21.053 000000.020| ALWA - Pastebin.com
000000.033| ALWAYS| Command line: 5171 Dd+hlbxhs4IRU49K5rLzmg== 2175390490 -PlayerID=2175390490 -GameID=4318480968 -Region=PBE -Locale=en_US -SkipRads -SkipBuild -EnableCrashpad=2 -EnableLNP -UseNewX3D=1 -UseNewX3DFramebuffers=1 -RiotClientPort=60056 -RiotClientAuthToken=X2UOc2ATSql3g47g4Nn9EA
here the most recent log and this been happening for some games of ARURF but what odd is it only premade games so also looked up this and guess you do this format if im correct https://pastebin.com/gv9GaJaq ^ also this is the current one posted wrong one

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