[Tahm Kench] - Multiple issues with his w (Devour)

1. Pick Tahm Kench 2.use devour on a non-champion 3.your first summoner spell slot is now disabled 4. use devour on a champion 5.your first summoner spell slot is now re-enabled also sometimes using devour on a minion instantly puts it on cool-down not allowing you to reactivate it to spit the minion out, but he will automatically spit it out by himself when the timer runs out even though the ability is technically on cool-down. I think this only happens on twisted treeline (it never happen once in summoners rift but happened multiple times on tt) and i don't know how to recreate the bug exactly but i do think that it has to be on twisted treeline and also under a specific circumstance that is easy to reproduce i just don't know what it is yet. lastly when you hover over devour to put a point into it it doesn't show the increase in the base damage listed as one of the benefits of leveling it up

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