PBE Launch error

I've been in queue for like 20 hours, and since the timer has been stuck on 3 hours and 15 minutes for almost half a day i decided to close and restart the client. (Mind you that everything worked yesterday/two days ago, before the last restart) But while trying to reopen the client nothing happened. So I opened the task manager to see if there were any league processes open, but there were none. What I was seeing was the league process start, the icon that says "League of Legends" pop up and then the process close itself. I checked the logs to see if there was anything I could do, and I read this "No Riot Client installs available: C:/ProgramData/Riot Games/RiotClientInstalls.json does not exist" I believe this file got deleted for some reason. Is there anything I can do beside reinstall? Can someone hand me the file? I'll post the log so anyone can read it, maybe I'm wrong. [spoiler]000000.000| ALWAYS| Logging started at 2019-06-24T12:13:25.109 000000.000| OKAY| Running in Standard Mode from cwd 'C:\Riot Games\PBE'. 000000.000| ALWAYS| Application Version: - CL:2795921 - Build Date:Jun 21 2019 - Build Time:13:20:46 000000.000| OKAY| Initial working directory: "C:\Riot Games\PBE" 000000.001| OKAY| Current process: "C:\Riot Games\PBE\LeagueClient.exe" 000000.001| OKAY| Command line arguments: 000000.008| ALWAYS| Direct Launch enabled for league_of_legends.pbe in environment 'live' 000000.008| ALWAYS| The following message is prepared to be sent to dradis: Event Name: riot__rclient__direct_launch common.os_platform: Windows common.application_name: LeagueClient common.application_version: common.installation_id: UPYVpA== common.locale: en_US common.machine_id: tduZfor9RUW4NV4AwzB93w== common.os_version_major: 10 common.os_version_minor: common.os_edition: Home, x64 common.region: PBE common.session_id: e3b68662-e253-2a4b-8777-94e062c4c3a6 failure_name: InstallsFileNotExist patchline_id: pbe total_duration_secs: 0.000247 current_app_path: C:\Riot Games\PBE\LeagueClient.exe install_path: C:\Riot Games\PBE result: failed product_id: league_of_legends riotclient_environment: live failure_code: 103 failure_description: No Riot Client installs available: C:/ProgramData/Riot Games/RiotClientInstalls.json does not exist 000000.008| ALWAYS| Queued Dradis event to be sent. 000000.008| OKAY| Launching Riot Client failed: No Riot Client installs available: C:/ProgramData/Riot Games/RiotClientInstalls.json does not exist 000000.008| ALWAYS| Tracing started 000000.009| ALWAYS| Tracing worker thread running. 000000.009| ALWAYS| Running LeagueClient version 000000.009| ALWAYS| Keeping up to 10 tracing logs. 000000.019| ALWAYS| Tracing CompactJsonWriter at C:/Riot Games/PBE/Logs/LeagueClient Logs/2019-06-24T12-13-25_23348_LeagueClient-tracing.json 000000.033| ALWAYS| TracingAppModule started 000000.037| ALWAYS| Phase Begin - Init 000000.038| ALWAYS| Plugin Manager| Loaded plugin manifest file plugin-manifest.json. 000000.087| OKAY| Creating 29 dispatchers 000000.095| OKAY| Did not initially acquire process singleton 000000.096| OKAY| Bringing other League Client window at "" to foreground 000000.107| OKAY| Connection to other League Client succeeded 000000.121| OKAY| Message to other League Client succeeded 000000.121| OKAY| ClientWebSocketTransport: Statistics at socket close: 000000.121| OKAY| Reads - Count : 2 Total Bytes: 144 Average Bytes: 72 000000.121| OKAY| Writes - Count : 2 Total Bytes: 298 Average Bytes: 149 000000.121| OKAY| Retries: 0 000000.121| OKAY| Did not acquire process singleton 000000.122| OKAY| Client already running, exiting. 000000.148| ALWAYS| TracingAppModule stopped 000000.148| ALWAYS| Phase End - Init - duration was 111.47ms 000000.150| ALWAYS| Tracing stopping 000000.150| ALWAYS| Joining tracing worker thread. 000000.239| ALWAYS| Tracing worker thread exiting. 000000.239| ALWAYS| Tracing stopped 000005.007| OKAY| EventCollector: 1 events remaining after thread join 000005.445| OKAY| Shut down EventCollector in 437 milliseconds

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