URF bugs

played a game of URF, here are all the bugs - blue side shopkeeper isn't there - rengar can't use e w or passive leap, can spam q with no cd - can't buy items while dead (eats your gold) - Yi meditate grants nothing and makes him float like in animation, VERY rarely you get all the healing instantly instead of over 4 sec - Red team gets dragon without doing anything, they don't get any buffs tho - Runes don't work except Aery - Brand passive doesn't work (makes him useless) - Nida and Karma get ult at lvl 6 - After lvl 18 it shows 0/0 EXP but you can still level up - Veigar can't use Q, w has no cd Ekko cant proc passive or w Kai'sa can't use Q or E, can ult ANYWHERE on the map, can't recall Ornn can't proc Brittle after w or ult LB can't return to W/RW Poppy's tap ult doesn't make targets untargetable Poppy's E doesn't knock back targets Zoe's E direct hit doesn't work Zoe's W can be activated for nothing, spell shards are nowhere to be found Passives almost never work Kayn can't evolve Cannot ping Aurelion has no stars, w is uselss, Q never breaks unless you reactivate it Talon's abilities LITERALLY DO NO DMG, you can only do dmg with items/aa, can E walls forever with no cd Jhin never goes below 4 bullets Kalista rend and aa don't work Illaoi's Q does no dmg, passive tentacles don't spawn Kass R has infinite range (BROKEN) Twitch can't use E, procs passive only at Ult status Shaco's r was dying in Red teams mid lane inhibitor turret, spawning boxes that do no dmg was really funny to see lol, new mode of URF?

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