Qiyana/Soraka Bug (perma silence)

Qiyana Silenced even after Soraka's E ended
In this clip you can see that Soraka silenced me as i was fighting her, and even after her E finished i stayed silenced until Soraka used her E on me again. I think the bug is caused as you exit Soraka's E exactly as her spell finishes.
So i was playing Qiyana in a custom game vs bots to try the champion and then this happened, basically i was fighting Soraka and when she used her E i remained silenced even after i get out from the spell. The silence didn't were off untill Soraka used her E again on Qiyana and then when that silence ended everything went back to normal. The bug happened only once so i'm not sure if the bug is related to Qiyana and all silences, or is a bug related to Soraka's E, or a bug cause from the interation with Qiyana and Soraka, or even something else. If someone happend to see this bug or something similar maybe we could know what is the cause of this. My opinion is that the bug is caused by going out Soraka's E at the same time that the spell is ending and so the silence effect remains until you get silenced again and so the previous effect gets overwritten by the new one.
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