[Skin Owned But Champion Unowned] Vindicator Vayne bug

PBE Bug with Vayne
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Here are two screenshots showing that I own the Vindicator Vayne skin on PBE but not Vayne. Not sure if this is related somehow to other issues. Also not sure how to proceed. Should I leave Vayne off the account so you can look at it? **I HAVE UPDATED THE ALBUM** but you will need to click on the picture to see the two new screenshots I have added that show the problem more obviously. Apparently the preview is not updating. This is also happening with Slayer Jinx (I own slayer Jinx but I do not own Jinx), and Zombie Nunu(I own Zombie Nunu but I do not own Nunu). With those two I can see a connection. They came in a bundle, but Vindicator Vayne wasn't in any such bundle.
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