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PBE Urgot Rework BORK bug on target dummies
Uploaded by Hi Im Krsto on 2017-07-12.
I was testing urgot in practice tool, i noticed that if i use Blade of the Ruined King active while my W is active on target dummys it would cast it a couple of times (maybe because of cooldown refreshments but i only click it once, and it happens too fast for cooldown to be refreshed),however when i got near to the Fiddlesticks bot it played animations but didn't do damage (you can notice on the video how i click w and cast BORK active only once and it casts multiple times in a veey short period of time) , also i noticed while playing normal games that Gian Enemy Crabgot's dance sound is global for allies (not sure if they need to see Urgot dancing or its like old Statue of Liberty Karthus dance sound),provided in video too, and last, some wierd looking bug when i tried to kill Fiddle bot in practice tool, he became invulnerable and after like 15ish seconds he became normal and started moving towards the fountain.[Click here to see](https://youtu.be/XsDB1cLPPRU)

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