4-Win XP-Booster Doesn't Decrease After Intermediate Bot Wins

After buying a four match XP Boost on in the store, I noticed that the counter doesn't decrease after winning a intermediate bots game on summoners rift. I **HAVE NOT** tried doing it on regular pvp, so I don't know if that decreases the counter or not. Reproduction 1. Go into the store>gameplay>boosts 2. Buy a 4 Wins XP Boost for 150RP 3. Go into personal profile and note the personal booster that says "XP Boost 4 Wins Left." 4. Play and win an intermediate bots game on summoners rift, I do not believe that the champion matters as I've played olaf, trundle, evelynn, {{champion:136}} , quinn, lissandra, and gnar. 5. After the game, receive the 216 XP that doesn't change the event RP gained nor is affected by the daily win or how long the match took 6. Go back into personal profile and note the personal booster still says "XP Boost 4 Wins Left" 7. Wait a game and play again: The booster still doesn't decrease These are all images which should further my claim in, and should help provide anything that I may have left out [My Personal Profile Showing I have a boot](https://imgur.com/a/S4mxO) [My Match History at the end of the day 10/22/2017](https://imgur.com/a/CAHjO) [My XP Gain at the end of trundle match](https://imgur.com/a/FSSvQ) [The store history showing I bought the 4 win boost](https://imgur.com/a/p8iaV) The things I haven't tested surrounding this bug are * If the booster decreases in beginner, intro bots * If the booster decreases in any matchmade PVP game * Any of the other XP Boosters Finally, there does not seem to be a single particular champion that is causing all the bugs, I have never had the same champion in all my matches thus far. I have also not had any wacky XP bug that gave me 5+ levels after a single game. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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