Whenever I go to play, I cannot get past the declare your champion section (not sure why this is there at all because we aren't suppose to be able to see this screen on PBE). Then, it just glitches out and makes me waste all of champ select suck here and then I get a penalty for dodging, when it was strictly because of the client. This ONLY happens to me if I am first pick. If someone else is first pick, it seems to work just fine (there are times where it glitches out even when I am not first pick). If you want to try this yourself, then you would just have to get into champ select as the first pick. It MIGHT be related to low spec mode, although I am unsure. This feature only seems to happen in the "special" draft pick we have. This problem doesn't carry over to live servers. It is strictly a PBE problem. So, it may or may not be low spec mode (I have it enabled both on live and pbe clients). Anyone know what to do?
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