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So I wasn't expecting to see so many bugs during my first game on the updated TFT, so I wasn't able to record so apologies for that. I'll do my best to describe what was happening. The first bug I encountered was during gromp round, where I couldn't see the health of them and that remained true for the upcoming minion rounds. In my game I chose to go wild shapeshifter mainly to test out the new Elise changes. Before this I chose Warwick and noticed that even if he hit full mana and cast his ultimate it would cancel immediately (and continued to do so through the rest of my time in the game meaning about Stage 5-1). Elise also had several issues. Her spiderlings wouldn't show their health bars or target enemy characters, and each time she used her ultimate, my other characters couldn't target enemy champions either, and just stood there. Nidalee on several occasions would have the mana for her ultimate, and even though she wasn't silenced or cc'd in any way, would not use her ultimate. That's all I have currently for champion bugs. Continuing, the camera experienced many glitches throughout my game. The first one was after each round of fighting that I played where I had to move to their arena, and when it started as well, my camera would lock on to a random field. The biggest camera issue I experienced was during the carousel stages, where it got pretty crazy almost hard to explain. All of the arenas in the game changed orientation to instead of one team North and South, to either Northwest and Southeast or East to West. On top of that for nearly the entire carousel stage, my camera refused to move to the center where the picking occurred even if I clicked the names of other people or tried to manually manipulate the camera. My last bug and most minor bug to describe was involving the new Damage Counter on the right side. After I upgraded my Warwick to level 3, the damage counter still recognized it as a level 2 champion for the next round or two, but fixed itself. For references sake, My team included a level 3 Warwick with Titanic Red Buff and Infinity Edge , Level 3 Elise with Runaan's, Level 2 Nidalee with Zeke's, Level 2 Ahri, Level 2 Rengar, and a Level 1 Shyvana. I apologize that I have no evidence or too many details, but I tried to describe the situation as best I could. In general this game felt unplayable with the combination of camera glitches and the spiderling interaction that prevented either my wins, or my opponents and resulted in several draws.

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