PBE Arurf Champ Select Bug

ARURF Champ Select This bug occurs when entering the ARURF Champ Select and possibly other game modes. Queue dodge timers are given. When entering champ select, the player is redirected to the home screen. While this happens, others are possibly in the champ select, you are stuck on the home screen. When exiting to restart as the player will not be directed to the Champ Select screen, the player gets put on a dodge timer. I was in the queue after someone dodged a game, and then I clicked accept match and I was immediately redirected to the home screen. I restarted my client and when I got to the queue, I was put on a 15-minute dodge timer. You could simply enter a queue multiple times and see if it happens. I was unable to take a video or image of the situation. Thank you! {{sticker:vlad-salute}} {{sticker:sg-poppy}}

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