[New Items] Infinity Edge gives some abilities Critical conversion & some stormrazor stuff.

**Major Bugs:** Summoner's rift, training mode, Tested champions (see below) **Bug: ** Infinity Edge gives some abilities, (mostly single target) True damage conversion based on crit chance. (Additionally some items actives and effects like on hit and a few runes) __________ **To reproduce:** >1 Enter a game as [Ziggs] 2 Purchase Infinity Edge and have some crit method (buy lots of crit chance or stormrazor) 3 Use any ability including passive... A portion of his damage is converted to true damage on every part of his kit Items purchased in tests ({{item:3031}} {{item:1051}} x 1-5), **Affected Champions and abilities:** (wip) > A: Aatrox {w}, Ahri {w,r}, Akali {a,e}, Alistar {e-auto} Anivia {e}, Annie {q}, Azir {w-autos, can't spawn passive} B: Bard {meeps-single & aoe}, Blizcrank {e?, r}, Braum {p-autos post proc}, Brand {e,r} C: Caitlyn {r}, Cassiopeia {e} D: Darius {w}, Diana [p] E: Ekko {p-autos}, Elise {human q}, Evelynn {e-both}, Ezreal {e} F:Fiddle {e} Fizz {w} G: Galio {p}, Gangplank {q-grasp of the undying}, Garen {q,e,r}, Gnar {autos-grasp, r}, Gragas {q,w}, Graves {r-cone only} H: Hecarim {e-rate could be lower depending on stacks}, Heimerdinger {e-both} I: Illaoi {w}, Ivern {w-auto} J: Janna {p,w}, Jarvan {p}, Jax {q,w,r-passive}, Jayce {p,w-ranged,e-melee}, Jhin {r-prob fine} K: Karthus {q}, Katarina {q,r},Kassadin {q,w} Kayle {q,e-passive & active & aoe}, Kennen {w-passive}, Khazix {p,q}, Kindred {q,e-proc} (last tested in alpha sweep) M: Master YI {q}&AB V: Veigar {r}, Y: Yasuo {q}&AB Z: Ziggs {all} Note- I may have missed some interactions **Affected Items:** > gunblade, bork (active and on hit), bloodrazor, wit's end, nashor's tooth, rageblade, hextech revolver, iceborn, tiamat (on hit), titanic(active and on hit), ardent buff, duskblade, luden (proc on other targets) **Affected Runes:** >Dark harvest, predator (on autos if they crit), summon aery, Grasp of the undying (Gangplank Q, Gnar autos) Notes: >-Yes, every ability on Ziggs can deal true damage based on crit chance with the new infinity edge -You don't need any crit chance to convert a portion of Ziggs empowered auto to true damage if you have Stormrazor (but only that ability) -Brand gets crit conversion on his e and r -(Update) Anivia e can get the crit conversion without frost, a level 18 max rank frostbite with 0 ap against a target dummy does 60 magic damage + 30 true damage with ({{item:3031}} {{item:1051}} x 5), and 75 magic damage with only ({{item:1051}} x 5) -some of the on hit stuff I'm a little fuzzy if it's a buff but I've listed most that should be. -Items tagged by "&AB" credit given to summoner "AnataBakka" _________________________________ **Minor Bugs:** Tests done in summoner's Rift, Training mode, Champions tested & abilities (Anivia E, Karthus Q, Ziggs P, Kogmaw R, Nidalee cougar Q, Fizz W, Gnar R, Gragas Q) Bug is independent of skins **Bug: ** Abilities with native magical damage crits trigger Stormrazor (on crit buff) and also have a portion of that crit converted to true damage via Infinity Edge I thought that interaction was unusual, since {{item:3143}} interaction with these abilities was removed. **To reproduce:** >1 Enter a game as [Anivia, Karthus, Kogmaw, Nidalee etc] 2 Purchase Stormrazor and/or Infinity Edge (You do not need to have them both at the same time) 3 Produce the conditions required for your ability to crit (Apply frost on Anivia, single target Karthus Q, etc) 4 Use the ability that can crit... A portion of the damage is converted to true damage from Infinity Edge and you gain the Stormrazor on crit buff Please contact me if you have any questions, and good luck fixing this one!
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