New TFT game-mode makes the queue waiting time for others a living nightmare!

Hello, before I write anything I just want to say that I don't intend to be rude in any means or that someone gets me wrong. Today I've decided to go on PBE to test stuff out and have a chill evening before bed. As I don't go on PBE everyday for the last week I just recently discovered that Riot made a new 'TFT' game-mode and that people are trying to login to PBE like crazy. Little did I know I'd have to face a long as hell queue time. I've been waiting for almost 2+ hours and from estimated time of '1h17m' in those 2+ hours only 17m went by. Which indicated that the queue waiting time is obviously not right. The other thing is that I'm really getting frustrated by this. How is it okay for other people like myself that have to wait for hours just to enter the PBE server?? Like I have to wait for hours just to test something out? And what after I get in while waiting for hours and after that I exit from the server? Will I have to wait again for hours just to get in? Seriously I really hope that Riot will fix this long as hell queue waiting time and everything. I'm honestly not even interested in the new TFT game-mode and still because of it I have to wait for hours just to get in? Please Riot fix the queue time so other people don't have to wait for hours just to get on the PBE server. Thank you in advance! :)
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