Jan 23: About tonight's PBE build

Hey guys, I wanted to follow up on yesterday's [PBE crash thread](http://community.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/c/bugs/YJHxBQfG-jan-22-pbe-crash-issues) and let you know that thanks to your submitted bugsplats and repro steps for your individual crashes, we've been able to fix or mitigate the biggest causes of yesterday's widespread issues - enough to get to a point where we'll be deploying an update in a few minutes. Gotta let you know there are still a couple crashes that we're trying to get more information about, though. Our thinking with tonight's deploy is that the new fixes will expose repro steps for the last few problems, at which point we'll be able to kill them off and get back to business as usual. Last note - The teams wanted me to let you guys know that even though they're heads-down working on fixes right now, they really appreciate your trust and support over the past day and a half. Keep being awesome, testers :) --RiotAether
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