BE won't decrease/Cloudflare Block

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Ok. I know I shouldn't report this, that's a good kind of bug šŸ› šŸž but I feel I have to... I was buying new chromas with 1BE (Blue Essense), on PBE, and I noticed my BE didn't decrease... good... but weird... what if one day it 'll happen the other way around? Here are some screenshots, you 'll see, no matter how many chromas I buy, my BE is always 7171 P.S. When I try to see my discussion here it says ["Sorry, you have been blocked"](, by Cloudflare and this is the Cloudflare Ray ID: 49726f8ac97d9e4b I kinda need to delete 2 of my 3 discussions cause I accidentally posted the same one 3 times because of this Cloudflare block. I was going back & pressing the post button again (when I saw the block), I thought I couldn't post but in fact I posted 3 times [1](, [2](, [3]( Please delete 2 of them and leave one. Can I be unblocked by the Cloudflare so I can see my own posts and correct my own mistakes? Appreciate it! Thank you for your time! P.S.2 (I had to edit the post to add this), this cloudflare block only happens with those 3 posts I mentioned, not with this one I'm typing now. Could it be the title? I mean there was a same post already, but it was 4 years ago, and no one replied, and the bug hasn't been fixed (about the PBE server status -client link redirection-). Did I break a rule (by creating new discussion about a title that already exists) & Cloudflare blocked me? If that's the case, I'm sorry for that. What can we do when a discussion is really old (e.g. 4 years ago), no one has replied and bug hasn't been fixed?

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