GangPlank barrels can be attacked by allied Champions

Alright my friend noticed this bug within the PBE and he was interested by this given that Allied champions aren't able to auto attack Gangplank Barrels.. So we experimented how this event occurred. We started by placing the barrels down and noticed that it acted as a normal Gp barrel. So nothing serious was going on. We then started placing barrels around different area and then finally the barrels were suddenly targetable within bush's. And I was astounded by this and I was able to auto attack it but wasn't able to kill it my self nor life steal off of the item. So this caught my attention and continued experimenting and saw that once a barrel is placed in the bush that is targetable if u place a second barrel is isn't targetable so the first barrel just acts like a targetable ward towards allied champions (except for gp and enemies champions). Even though it might not be able to lifesteal off of it might be possibly later on it might be able to.
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