RP bug (but it's different!) and Akali Infernal Skin

Yes, approximately 5 billion threads have been posted about the RP grant bug. I'm not impatient like them and I couldn't care less when this is fixed. Regarding the RP, I just want to mention, logging in daily still allows 8000 RP to appear in the top right, but can't be spent (you know that). But I could purchase an RP boost while playing One For All. That's pretty weird because I relogged with 0 RP lul. But the point is I could spend it somewhere! Secondly, is it normal that infernal akali is not selectable from the champion select screen? I'm asking because I had an RP boost used and received Infernal Akali, but after scrolling around to look at the other splasharts, I ended up not being able to find the unlocked skin afterwards. I lost that match to 5 heimerdingers btw :)
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