[Cho'Gath][LeBlanc] Cho'Gath silence interaction with LeBlanc's distortion.

Due to recent popularity of Cho, I have encountered what could be argued to be a bug in this matchup. Often times, as LeBlanc, when you have a distortion marker active and Cho'Gath hits his W silence on your current position, you still get silenced and damaged, even if you blink back (to the marker which is clearly outside of his W range). Now, I feel like this does not make sense. There should be two possible scenarios: a) You indeed get hit by Cho'Gath's silence, in which case, you should not be allowed to cast the return part of distortion, or if the command is already queue'd up, it should be cancelled due to silence. b) You blink back and out of range of the W, in which case, you should not take damage or be affected by the crowd control of the ability, since you are out of its range on impact. Overall, it's very inconsistent with the idea of how silence is supposed to work and whether it be in favour of one case or the other one, I feel like it's a bug (or a coding issue, perhaps) that needs to be addressed. Reproduction steps: 1. Pick LeBlanc and Cho'Gath on opposite teams 2. Allow LeBlanc to dash within Cho's W range (while leaving the return point outside of it's range) 3. Just about simultaneously, cast Cho's W (account for the animation delay) and LeBlanc's Distortion return part. 4. Observe getting silenced and damaged, even if you blink out of range. Source: A bunch of LeBlanc vs Cho games + custom game testing with a friend. I could provide a video later, if that's required.
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