Bug with leveling up abilities

**UPDATED FEB 12TH** Hey all, The team I am on is currently trying to track down a bug that happens pretty infrequently. Basically, if you try to level up an ability, sometimes the ability point will be used, but you won't have access to the ability (ex: you can be level 1 with no skills). When you level up again, you will have access to 2 ability points (so basically the ability point is wasted for an entire level). If you encounter this issue, any information you provide can be useful (what was happening when you tried to spend the skill point, did you press the hotkey or click the skill icon to level up, what champion were you playing, etc.) I will be checking this thread frequently and likely reach out to anyone who encounters this bug. Thanks for any help you are able to provide! **UPDATE FEB 12TH** Thanks for all the reports! This issue has been difficult to track down, but we are adding in additional logging so that we can get more information on what might be causing this to occur. Continued reporting of this bug will be helpful in narrowing down the root cause. Thanks again!
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