Akali ultimate bug

So I just finished a game of urf as Akali, thinking that I would be able to ult and execute some cute little veigar whos trying to run away from me, or use it to escape a cho q or a pyke ult. Little did I know that due to Riots incompetancy Akali's ult is bugged, every time i pressed it there was the little 'click' registering i pressed it, then nothing. Even though we won the game I am absolutely livid because for some reason there isnt any sort of notification of any sort to tell me that Akalis ultimate ability is broken, no sort of "we'll get on it to make sure its fixed" she wasnt pulled from champ select at all. Sorry if this is accusatory or whatever but I am pissed because of this, Riot should be on top of crap like this and not leave it up to the players to find out that "oh look, one of the main abilities that makes akali so fun to play is broken"
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