New Particle and Rendering System in Testing on PBE now

Hello Summoners! We’re turning on some _exciting_ new changes to the way the rendering engine for League works. Our goal is for this to have no noticeable change or impact, so hopefully you won’t notice anything has changed at all. If you see any new issues with in-game visuals (e.g. weird square textures, odd blinky graphics, etc.), please comment in this thread and I’ll be sure to look into it. In particular, we’re looking out for visual bugs that are newly caused by these rendering changes, so everything should be looking the same as Live. Please include your machine configuration in any reports (GPU, CPU, RAM, Operating System), as well as the graphics settings your game is on (windowed, low-high quality, 1920x1080, etc.), as it can really help us figure out exactly where the problem is coming from. Feel free to post below with any questions, and please report any issues that you think might be related in this post. Thanks!

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