Lots of issues with the new client update (June 18, 2018)

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Here's a summary of what happened, in order (and consecutively) 1. The end of game screen not showing, needed to close/open again 2. I had Jayce when someone dodged (normal, nothing special) 3. I had Annie but **I still had Jayce skins showing**, then either the client fluked our or someone dodged 4. I tried to connect to the next lobby, and the game did not even show the lobby, just showed a stopped timer and a nearly blank, an unresponsive screen, closed and opened. When I closed it, it made the "entering lobby, champion selected" sounds, but not until it was in the process of closing. 5. Now I have a Leaver Buster (eh, shit happens). All of this happened after my first game, after the latest update. From one developer to another: I'm sorry. I hope you don't have a 4 hour conference call to troubleshoot an issue like I just did today... Good luck finding these issues. Logs linked in message & https://pastebin.com/uNW3uFtZ
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