Lvl 6 and Lvl 7 mastery bug!!!

Dear Rioters, Recently I have achieved a lvl 6 mastery icon and Talon{{champion:91}} . This being the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life , I couldn't help but to jump out of my seat from pure happiness. I was so eager to try flashing my lvl 6 mastery and bm noobs in the rift that I instantly jump into a ranked game . after 2 games of showing off in the summoners rift . I clicked on my profile and noticed that my lvl 6 mastery was gone ! it was but a mere lvl 5 . thinking it was just a visual bug I ignored it and jumped onto the next game . In loading screen I noticed that the mastery icon was only lvl 5 as well! starting to feel suspicion, once the game had loaded up I tried flashing the mastery icon only to see a lvl 5 . this of course being devastating for me since the whole reason I play league of legends had crumble to the ground . after the game , I instantly tried logging off and logging back on to see if it would fix itself but nothing happened. I do not have any photo evidence to prove all this but I do hope any Rioters reading this take this saddening story to heart and fix this bug immediately so that I can have a reason to play league of legends again . Sincerely yours, Vermins .
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