Aatrox R adjust

I just wanted to talk about new aatrox R ( World Ender ) adjust... Aatrox Umbral Dash E isn't change to bad it's good like that ( with 2 charges ) and it was not bad with 1 charge and low cdr but his R .. As sounds effects there is a bug when he is prepairing to return to his normal form , if he takes a takedown with this new passive ( 6 seconds additionally on his R effect ) the sound repeat when he prepair to return to his usual form ~~**Non BUG talking**~~ His new passive which says that he can't revive just when he takedown a kill is so bad .. I main him in my account and I know how to play him , the new R makes him in so dangerous situation when he is low health and wanted to take the kill .. If that passive would delete with all new adjust for his R so it can be it ... As an Aatrox player i'm saying that it's not so good with this new changes . maybe you all can delete this revive issue changes additionally with his Q , E reset ... then he would be a good champ again .. and thank you for listening .. BYE
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