Can we talk about the reroll shard glitch? Screenshots and bug recreation in link

PBE bugs
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I keep getting these things when i reroll 3 skin shards or open purple chests I've found older posts on this, I know i basically get this stuff for free but since it started happening it does sorta feel like i'm getting smacked a little, I'm not mad but was hoping to bring more attention to this and ask about why it hasn't been fixed yet since some of these posts are over a year old. please note that most of them i just rerolled but it seems like they reroll into shards as well. it seems like I get a stack of ten or so every 30ish chests so it's a big deal I reroll because I spent some time doing math and science, the math gods told me to buy all the cheap skins and then start rerolling to make the most of my skins cheaper by bulk, since the goal is to unlock all the skins eventually
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