6/26 Game shop bug

So I downloaded the new patch today and a bug showed up in the client. I went to buy the new skins to see what they looked like and it told me I didnt own the champions. [Seen here.](https://imgur.com/8jjEszq) So I went to the champions tab and it said the [same thing](https://imgur.com/zuQWAya). But I own all the champions, I have for years now. [It still says I do in my loot tab.](https://imgur.com/tizxL3k) [Same for skins](https://imgur.com/hMp0FlK) I own almost all of them. Except for a pesky victorious morgana that costs 9999 RP Anyway just a heads up on the bug if you need any more information just let me know. I tried logging out and back in, waiting a while for it to update.

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