[Client] - Champion Select Crashes Masterpost

The client has crashed for someone in our Normal Draft party somewhere around 20 times, both today and yesterday over a period of around 3 hours. I am part of the party crossreferenced from [this post](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/Pv0Bryab-champ-select-client-keeps-crashing) . Through this experience we've documented some of the times in which the crashes happen: [Btw this all occurs while in a Party] 1. Resizing your client 2. Hitting the **Done button after selecting a skin 3. When the timer reaches 0 during bans 4. When the timer reaches 0 when declaring champions at the start of champion select 5. Hitting the Ban button (possibly due to hitting too fast before ban picture shows up) 6. Switching masteries/rune pages 7. Reselecting skins --EDITS:-- 8. When timer reaches 0 before game starts 9. Selecting your role in the party building screen too quickly on load. 10. Typing when timer reaches 0 when declaring a champion (thx Afronaut!) 11. Doing your masteries during bans *. A random crash also sometimes occurs while we are idling ("NOBODY MOVE AND MAYBE IT WONT CRASH") :P Hope this list helps a little in the debugging! I'll keep a running edit as we play PBE today. Feel free to comment on this post, you guys, and I'll add it to the list when I edit. Thanks!
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