[HOW-TO] Report Bugs on the PBE

https://i.imgur.com/8GDUsUS.png Thanks for coming to the forums to report a bug! {{item:1051}} ------------------------ # #1. Please check the forums to see if the bug has already been reported --------------------------------------- # #2. Please copy and paste this into a new forum discussion, or, if it has been reported, as a comment on an existing thread > Title: [Bug area] - Short Summary ------------------- _Bug area_ One or two words letting us know where this bug occurs. Example: A champion, a map, runes, or store. ----------------- _Short summary _ A short description of the issue found. GOOD: "[Zac] - Health blobs do not regenerate Zac's health." BAD: "Zac health blobs broken." ------------------ _Body_ * What were you doing when you found the issue? * How can we test the issue? * Please attach a picture or video, if possible! ----------------------------------------------- Here is an example bug that was reported a while ago to our live team and fixed: > Title: [Rengar] – Can double cast ferocity _____________________ _Body_ If Rengar uses 5 point Ferocity E and casts W while the missile is in the air he will be able to cast an extra W spell for free with no cooldown penalty. ---------------------- _Testing steps_ 1. Choose Rengar 2. Level up W and E 3. Get 5 points of ferocity 4. Cast E on a target and smash W over and over 5. Notice he will Roar like a kitty twice and deal the damage. He will not get the Heal from 5 point W. Thank you all for helping us improve League of Legends! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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