[Lulu] 'Help Pix' E. Not activating but going on CD and using Mana

{{champion:117}} Winter wonderland lulu skin. Maybe others as well (Or just lulu in general), Seen similar posts about game crashing and Pix not being available after 20 minutes but i was able to play a full game. But from start my shield did not work, went on cool-down and used mana, Tried multiple times on ally they also never seen the shield or pix, Using 'Q' Ability both shots resonate from Lulu instead of the supposed to be marked target. Could not use on enemies either, Minions or champs, Dealt no damage and did not reveal them, Also pix stayed with Lulu. Did not try on jungle creeps. Tried this on Co-Op vs AI. Could not record to show bug, would be far too laggy already running low FPS (Its normal) And this is my first bug report, Sorry ;c
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