New Champion Select Crashes

As I've seen a few other instances of here in the Bugs section, the new champion select seems to crash very often. For me, it crashes at least once every time I enter it, and at a different point in the champion select each time. When said crash occurs, the entire client freezes up and I am unable to select anything, or see anything that is happening. After a few seconds, the window stops responding and my computer gives me all the usual nonresponsive program popup alerts. Then I have to restart the client, at which point I've usually failed to select a champion or it kicked everyone back into the queue because I got disconnected. I am not sure if this is related to all the problems with getting into a queue or not, but seems to me if others are having this problem too, it might be. Hopefully you can give some insight into why this is happening Riot? I would hate for it to go to Live like this and get kicked into low priority queue or something just because my client crashes constantly. Thanks!
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