[Various minor bugs] Mordekaiser (see description)

I played Mordekaiser and i saw he have some bugs (not serious atm). Those are the bugs i've found: 1) Rift Heralt buff doesnt work properly when Mordekaiser kills an enemy champ with his ult on: **Steps:** 1.- Kill Rift Heralt 2.- Take its buff 3.- Kill an enemy champ with your ult on when you have the Rift Heralt buff on. **Expected result:** Rift Heralt buff should stacks when he moves **What happened:** Rift Heralt buff doesnt stack properly when you control the enemy champ that you killed 2) Mordekaiser Ult doesnt apply his AP correctly to a killed enemy champ **Steps** 1.- Get Ultimate 2.- Use ult in an enemy champ 3.- kill enemy champ **Expected result:** The killed enemy champ should have part of the mordekaiser's AP **What happened:** The killed enemy champ didnt get AP (only 0 ap, no percentatge) If someone knows another bug post it on coments and i'll edit my thread. Thanks everyone!
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