Wukong, Nunu, Shaco BUGS PATCH 9.14

During patch 9.14 on PBE i have noticed some game breaking bugs. 1. Firstly, Wukong's Q is bugged, oneshotting everything from monsters and champions to epic monsters, dragons and even the baron nashor. 2. Secondly, Nunu's W has no cooldown, so everyone spams it leading to a permanent knock up until they run out of mana. 3. Last but not least, Shaco's stealth (Q) has no cooldown as well, so you aren't able to even hit him. There are many bug abusers on PBE every game, making it impossible to play PBE and have fun and we all wait for Riot Games to remove these bugs. EDIT: One day later submitting this post, I tried to test these 3 champions in Practice tool to see if the bugs still exist. It turned out that they fixed only the Wukong's Bug and the other 2 bugs, right now **_still exist_**.
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