RIOT is failing to adress the "Failed to connect" error

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Since two, maybe only one, days ago we have been seeing the black screen when loading a new game that says "Unable to connect to the server. Please check your network connection and attempt to reconnect to your game", and when you try to reconnect it fails time and time and time and time again. This wouldn't be such an issue if it was 1 in every 100 games played, but a lot of us are experiencing this error 3 games in a row every single day. But this isn't the worst part, the thing that bothers me the most is that RIOT hasn't addressed, or even acknowledged, that this issue is happening. I mean, yeah we are the beta testers and by playing PBE we have to withstand this type of errors so the players on LIVE don't have them. But come on RIOT, at least let us know that our comments and frustration, at not being able to play 1 game without being disconnected or having someone that has been disconnected, are being heard. The pastebin that is linked is from my latest game in ARURF with Order of the Lotus Irelia that disconnected. As you can see I tried several times to reconnect before giving up. RIOT please address this soon, because it's getting very grating.
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