Illaoi Bug Report Thread

Hey everyone! Illaoi will be making her way to the PBE shortly and we wanted to make this thread as a home for any bug reports once she goes out. We've found and fixed a whole lot throughout her development, but please let us know if you happen to find one while playing her! Please use our handy dandy Bug Reporting Tool [HERE]( if you want to submit an issue :) We will be combing through this thread daily to check out any issues y'all come across. I'll do my best to drop in here and respond when I can, but if you don't see me (or Beat Punchbeef) around for a while its because we are trying our best to finish out these last weeks strong. If we make any drastic changes that would impact some known issues (for example: there is currently an issue where tentacles spawned from her R are targetable), I'll be sure to update here. If y'all have any design or gameplay feedback, head on over to the thread being run by Beat Punchbeef [HERE]( and let us know what you think. For the sake of clarity, lets try to keep this one strictly for bugs :) Thanks everyone! -Riot Szymba
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