[Wukong] -- Yasuo can E through Wukong's ultimate, and not be knocked up or take any damage.

This is bug was found on live servers. Below is Wukong's ultimate tool-tip for reference. "ACTIVE: Wukong spins around for up to 4 seconds, losing the ability to use abilities and basic attacks but dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies every second. Enemies affected by Cyclone for the first time are briefly Airborne icon knocked up. During Cyclone, Wukong gains 5% bonus movement speed every half second, up to a maximum of 40% bonus movement speed. Reactivating Cyclone cancels it immediately." In this case Yasuo had not been hit from my Ultimate yet, therefore should be knocked up upon contact. I was moving towards him when he turned and dashed through me, taking no damage nor being knocked up. In my hundreds of games on Wukong my ultimate has always interrupted a Yasuo's dash (E). I thought I would post this here to bring attention to it, and maybe see if this was working as intended. Any thoughts?
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