Minor Bug with DJ Sona

Hey, While on the same team as a DJ Sona, if you opt into listening to the DJ Sona specific music and then leave/ disconnect, when you reconnect you will revert to default music and trying to opt back into the DJ Sona music will not always work. The first time I tried this I had to opt in-> out-> in, to get it to work. The second time it took at least 15 tries to get it to work. (note: I tried opting in, waiting 5-10 sec-> opting out, waiting 5-10 sec-> opting in...etc. The one that worked best was the rapid in->out->in, though like I said the second try took a lot of tries. Have not had the opportunity to try the skin in a game yet, but it looks really well done so far. Great Job Art team, and Fantastic Job Music team!!

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