Conqueror dont work correctly

{{champion:420}} gets one stack from a Tentacle no mater how many champions it hits also Her Tentacles that are proced from her W do not give a stack, But Ones that attack because of a Spirit do. She is all buggy (shocker Illaoi has bugs) as some times the Stack Timer and the Conqueror 5 stack buff (that one that gives the +10%) can get off from each other. Basically The two Buff Icons should always have the same timer but when a Spirit gets attacked by a Tentacle only the 5 Stacks timer gets refreshed not the one that actually gives the +10% damage/Healing. How I expected it to work on her was like this from how it reads. Q Should give stacks based on how many targets get hit. (why should Master Yi, MF get two stacks (4 for MF is the Q bounces) for one button press but Illaoi does not?) W should give a stack AS WELL as any Tentacles that hit triggered by the W. E should give a stack when hit as well as any Tentacles that hit. Each Tentacle should give one stack per target hit. So if she has 3 up and they attack and hit a target that should be 3 stacks. Ult should give one stack. Attacking a Spirit is the same as attacking a Champion in all accounts. Its seems that ONLY Auto attacks refresh the +10% buff. Other damage will refresh the 5 stacks but not the +10% buff. Kennen's Ult will only give One stack for the whole duration. Kennen's E does not refresh the +10% damage/healing Buff but will refresh the 5 stacks Per enemy hit. Fizz's Ult does not proc a stack or even refresh them when it hits but does when the shark attacks. RageBlade Shadow attacks do not proc a stack. The Logic to what and how stacks are proced does not seem worked out well. To me it shows there are a lot of bugs in the code.
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