Critical error

Well, I'm back with another bug... I was trying to play an urf match, entered in champ select: everything normal, nothing out of the ordinary.. When the timer ended and went into loading screen of the match, I couldn't even enter the match because I've got a critical error. I didn't take a picture, but I've found the same error in google, so here goes: Later on, when the match ended, I've found that it wasn't only me the one who couldn't connect into the game.. As you may see in the image, seven out of ten people were unable to connect.. I talked with them, and it was because they had the same error as me.. I have the failed to connect error to deal with, I couldn't solve it, but I've found a way to enter the game.. Now, I have this error.. I know that PBE is supposed to have bugs and errors, that it won't be like live servers, and moreover I know that we are the people who needs to run into this errors so you can solve them, but I have to be honest with you: you did nothing to solve this kind of connection errors. There is a lot of people, who got the Failed to connect error mentioned early.. And now, seven out of ten people that tried to play a match of URF were unable to join because of that critical error, I don't know about other people, but I'm sure there must be more people that got this.. My question is: what are you waiting for? PBE as it is right now, is unplayable.. Starting with the Failed to connect error, then the large list of bugs that a guy posted a week or two ago, and now this.. You have a team full of professionals that can solve this kind of things, why don't you do something about it? I'm not expecting PBE to work like live servers, but at least, to work in a way that we can play normally, and help you with all the other type of bugs that are in the game... How can we help if we can't even join a game of League? I'm uploading the dump file that the critical error made to a Google Drive link, in case you need it just tell me.. I really hope you do something about it and this gets solved quick..

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