Yet again, Games Aren't Connecting

Hey! So this just started happening again. I started a game, got the "can't connect to servers" error and restarted the client several times. Now I have to wait until the game finishes in order for me to try another. Riot stated that this issue was fixed, but now it's worse. I'm kinda sick of not being able to actually test out new things on the PBE. Is anyone else having this issue? Are there any fixes? Is there a reason I have to wait the entire game length to try again now? My god, I just want to help out but it feels impossible at this point. Sorry for the dire tone, I'm just kinda tired. :[ EDIT: Seems like A mac problem EDIT: Wow guys thanks for commenting! (especially @bawongPBE for being way more detailed than I was) I'm super GLAD that this isn't just a me thing.
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