Runes are not granting Stats at all, Literally NO STATS

Okay, so this is gonna be big, with very much detailed Explanation, Hope to see it fixed soon First of all Rune page that I'm using: and noting the Garen's AD from wikia, same as what we see in game, but still for reference SS of it if you want to check it yourself So, with those runes in Mind, this is what I see at game 1) I'm not getting +16 AD due to my primary rune being inspiration and secondary being sorcery 2) I'm getting +30 from celerity, which is also bugged, I'm getting total +34 bonus AD from where? a) if it's +30 from celerity, then from where +4 is coming from? b) isn't 16+30+66=112? No bonuses even at level 6 or skipping time To be Honest, to be clear Even celerity does not grant AD So when celerity is granting +6 AD as default when there's no buff debuff, everything idle, just due to the stat from bonus ms 1) then after receiving buffs from Q, 2) the total bonus MS from Q 3) All bonuses like Q+Approach velocity due to slowing keystone +Celerity+Black cleaver's +20 ms, auto attacking, is giving me total 16 AD as per celerity which is increment from 6 to 12 to 16, why is my Total AD not increasing? from 143(default)+6(bonus after Q)=149 and 143+10(bonus from q+cleaver+runes)=153? Where is +16 AD? Where's Missing just literally whole lot of AD Imgur Album for any reason: Incase if you guys do not believe me, just start your client, pick those runes, and calculate stats yourself, and post your thoughts P.S. this sort of bugs are with every other combination, I just can't post every combination, but this bug is there, not granting stats
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