Sylas Ult Bug/Abuse

_I saw this bug when I testing Sylas X Nidalee in training mode. I dont Know if this work with Jayce, Elise, Udyr, Karma, or another champion_ **When you are transformed with nidalee ult, you can upgrade your skills in diferent levels to make this you need: 1. To be a Sylas 2. Have level6 and ult in Nidalee 3. Transforms using Nidalee Ult 4. Level up when transformed and see the magic works** _Usually Sylas is able to upgrade he ult in level 11 and 16, but making this you can upgrade in level 7 and 11 (these are the levels what I can spend points in my ult when I tested)_ some prints of me reproducing the bug in training mode: I tried to reproduce the bug in three diferents games of training mode, and I always can make this bug
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