Matchmaking Que Bugs

First when I try to get in a game that fail (because someone declined or did not click to join in time) I get an error message. Failure to provide a message from the server" Then i cant join que because it tells me i am assigned to an existing game. The second time i am able to que up, the decline button box disappears the second it shows up. Giving me no time to join, and the screen does nothing. I click on the "x" on the Search for que box, and it tell me "You can't leave now, champion select is imminent" even tho it never brought me to the champion select for the past 5 minutes. Another things that happens is if you try to re-que when you are not being matched with anyone for 10 minutes, the que timer freezes. And youa re unable to que back up again and need to restart the client. I was doing 5v5 Summoner rift blind pick. PBE {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} EDIT: ~~Bots is fine~~ Some people have gotten an error but it's playable. PVP seems to have all the issues.
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