Stuck in Reconnect Screen

Currently, i can't connect to a started game. Reproducing steps: 1. start PBE client 2. select Practice Tool or ARURF 3. select champ and start the game 4. get stuck in "RECONNECT" - Game is still in progress - "RECONNECT" - screeen. I am facing this issue for the current patch version V10.4.308.7740 and the previous patch a few days before. What i tried, but did not help: - flushing my dns cache - restarting my network / pc - initiate full pbe repair Some details regarding to my sys: - OS: Win 10 Pro N - RAM: 16GB - GPU: KFA2 RTX 2070 Super - 1 TB SSD NVMe Samsung Pro / ~50% free space - connecting from germany, using google dns ps: i already reported this bug for the last patch version

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