The game is bugged.

Rito, sorry to put it this way.. but you fucked up the game completely.. Everything is bugged inside a match, everything.. Here are some bugs I've found playing some matches: * Merchant is invisible.. you can enter the shop but you can't see the merchant.. * You can't ping. * Tower dmg to minions is less than it should be * Graves auto attacks didn't do dmg.. they hit, but don't apply any dmg. * Illaoi's Q didn't do dmg. * Diana's passive proc wasn't applying. * Azir habilities didn't do dmg * Maokai can't place more than one zappling in a bush, otherwise it automatically explodes.. * Aatrox Q can only be casted once, then it enters in CD. * Nasus W didn't applied the slow * Zoe's E if hit, didn't applied the drowned nor the sleep effect * Pyke W heal like disappeared.. I read the hability just to make sure and it only gives a movement speed boost. * Oh, and I was forgetting.. you can't see the items that you buy until you revive.. All of this was tested during URF matches.. I don't know how normal games work, but I'm pretty sure it works the same way.. Please do something about it.. it's a pain in the ass to play like this..
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