Sated Devourer deals less damage than it should when Kayle has her E activated.

I tested this in a game against minions (0 armor 0 mres). I had 23 AP and Arcane Blade mastery, no Nashor's Tooth: just sated devourer. When I autoattacked a minion with the sated devourer ghost and my E being activated, I dealt 130+66 magic damage, **for a total of 196**. On the other hand while I had my E deactivated I dealt 97+100 magic damage, for a total of **197** magic damage. How is it possible that I deal more damage while my E is deactivated? Kayle's E when not active deals 10/15/20/25/30 + 15% AP bonus magic damage ONHIT. Kayle's E when active deals 20/30/40/50/60 + 25% AP bonus magic damage ONHIT. Why does my ghost deal 66 bonus magic damage when all my on-hit effects deal 130 magic damage? It doesn't make much sense ;_; EDIT: 6/30 PBE PATCH UPDATE: STILL BUGGED. EDIT: 7/2 PBE PATCH UPDATE: FIXED :D
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