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Hello summoners, [Previous post on General Feedback Board](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/E7Ra3RQp-warning-disabling-this-board-on-monday-nov-6th) In an effort to make the boards less confusing and to help prevent stuff from getting lost, we shut down a few of the boards today. **Bugs and Feature Feedback** are the two boards that remain open. **Now that these boards are shut down, you can no longer interact with them**, but you will still be able to view them and their discussions/comments via direct links. This means you will likely see an error that says you do not have permission if you try to comment or upvote a post on those boards. We didn't want to delete or completely cut off access to the boards because there is still helpful content in them. Sorry for the confusion this will cause. For posts that you would have made or did make on these boards and want to continue the conversation, please refer to the guidelines for the remaining two boards and post in the one you think is the most appropriate. Please, as always, check to make sure your bug has not already been posted. If it has, leave a comment on the older post instead of posting something new. This greatly helps in preventing clutter and helps us address bugs faster. Thank you! Riot Seri
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