Client Bug - Client stays open for a few minutes at most then suddenly closes. No bug splat.

After launching the client a few minutes later it suddenly closes with no warning or explanation. There is no bug splat or anything. Bug takes place in the client, regardless of where you are in the client (happens in champ select, home page, store) Repairing the client didn't help the issue. Some other random person on my friends list said he was having the same issue. It wasn't happening last night its only happened since this mornings patch. 1. Launch client and log in - no issues 2. A few minutes pass, i'm either in que or waiting on the home page to see if its going to crash 3. It eventually crashes (if im in champ select i do get a dodge penalty) 4. Theres no bug splat or anything. Client just closes. EDIT: Almost 2 days later and the bug is still happening. I literally open the client and don't do anything and less than 3 minutes later it closes. Hopefully it gets fixed with the next patch. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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