[Syndra (Probably other champions more can)] and Electrocute rune

During the game, when using the Syndra's definitive, Electrocute does not activate like the actual mastery "Thunderlord". I mean the third sphere of R should be activate Electrocute like on live server can with thunderlord. Is this on purpose? I don't know what other champions happens by the same. Probably I have a grammar mistake, but my english is not my first language, so if someone speaks spanish here is the traduction: Mientras juego a Syndra con electrocutar, la tercera esfera no activa la runa como en el servidor oficial, que la tercer esfera si activa la maestria Señor del trueno. ¿Esto es a proposito o lo van a cambiar? No he visto si otros campeones ademas de syndra, que activan señor del trueno con 1 habilidad como lo hacen actualmente tampoco puedan con Electrocutar
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