A Broken Bug of TFT

I really like playing guardian and knight combo, but when I play this combo it always comes to a draw, which means, overtime. In this new version of TFT, overtime become a URF-like mode, which means all champion have bonus attack speed and abilities. That how things should work. But we could see that there is still a time limit of the URF-like mode in the overtime section, and what if the fighting is still not ending after this period of time? Now I can tell you what happen. It was just like before, both of our little legend get hurt. But the damage that we are taken is absolutely toooooo much. For example, in my match history, I have got 55 and even 71 damage in two of them, literally in one round for each. This absolutely should not work this way. Help me to prevent me from being kill suddenly in one overtime round!

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